Florent Fiévez


Bachelor in Computer Science

2002-2005; Haute Ecole Rennequin Sualem (ex- In.Pr.E.S.) at Seraing (Liege), Belgium; http://www.hepl.be

Completed with high honor a bachelor in computer science, with a specialization in industrial computer science (computer aided control of robots and industrial processes).

Selected coursework: C/C++; Java; C# .NET; SQL databases; Digital Image Processing; UNIX Systems

Wrote a end of study report on the programming of a wave front analysis in C, C++ and scilab.

Work experience

Developer / Configuration Manager

2006-present; Samtech S.A. / Siemens, Liege, Belgium; http://www.siemens.com/plm

Working in Caesam development team.


  • Application porting to IBM AIX system
  • Application porting to Linux system
  • Application porting from Visual C++ 6.0 to Visual Studio 2005, then 2012
  • Development and deployment of a new build system for a 15 000+ files software (multi-languages: C, C++, FORTRAN, Java, Python; multi-platforms: Linux, Windows - based on cmake)
  • Development of several tools to automatize distribution building, testing of the versions, … on a multi-platform and multi-languages basis (mainly in Python)
  • Development of web applications to act as dashboard for our daily builds, delivered versions, daily tests … (php, jQuery, …)
  • Development of an environment to do high level numerical non-regression of the software based on a Sun Grid Engine cluster
  • Development of a plugin compilation system integrated in the SDK version of our software
  • Daily maintenance of the build and test environment and daily compilation fixing
  • Deployment and maintenance of development team satellite tools:
    • project manager (Redmine)
    • source code manager (SCM - Subversion)
    • continuous integration system (Jenkins)
    • test case management software (Testrail)
    • Several internally coded tools and plugins for those system

Developer Consultant

2005-2006; Promotic/Aubay, Belgium; http://www.aubay.be/

Mission at Samtech S.A.


  • Application porting from Sun Solaris OS (32-bits) to HP HP-UX OS (64-bits) on HPPA architecture

Skills / Technologies

My day to day work focus mainly on developing tools to automatize delivery, build and testing of our application. This work is achieved mainly in Python. I also worked on a new build system for a software with 15k sources files using cmake.

The other technologies I use on a regular basis: Linux, Bash, csh, Subversion, redmine, Ruby on Rails, Jenkins, Testrail, C++, Java, php, C# .NET, mysql, apache


French (native), English (wrote and spoken)